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2004-2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Ohlins Fork Springs for OEM Forks

Price :
$224.95 Sale: $182.21
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  • Model: 08656-
  • Manufactured by: Ohlins Suspension


2004-2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Ohlins Fork Springs for OEM Forks

Spring Rate Recommendations For Rider Weight With Gear

145 lbs to 160 lbs 9.0/9.0 Nmm
150 lbs to 175 lbs 9.0/9.5 Nmm
175 lbs to 195 lbs 9.5/9.5 Nmm
185 lbs to 200 lbs 9.5/10.0 Nmm
195 lbs to 220 lbs 10.0/10.0 Nmm
210 lbs to 235 lbs 10.0/10.5 Nmm
230 lbs to 255 lbs 10.5/10.5 Nmm
245 lbs to 270 lbs 10.5/11.0 Nmm
above 260 lbs 11.0/11.0 Nmm

• Designed to improve the performance of your standard fork.
• Give the right balance between your front fork and your Öhlins shock absorber.
• Tests show that for R/T approximately 10% harder than std springs normally work best, but for some models the springs are softer.
• For racing application various spring rates are available.
• Sold in pairs.

Öhlins shock absorbers are an integral part of motor sport history. Past, present and future. Today, the company enjoys a major market presence in terms of high performance and top quality suspension products for motorcycles, cars, four-wheels and snowmobiles.

Öhlins Racing's firm dedication to motocross and enduro led firstly to road racing, and then to new markets for production bikes, just as emphasis on snowmobile racing led to a new market for regular snowmobiles. More than 100 World Championship and other major titles are definitive proof that Öhlins shock absorbers offer outstanding performance and reliability. And never one to forget his roots, Kenth Öhlin sees to it that race track service and support remains an important part of the company's operations.

Öhlins service vehicles can be seen at World Championship events around the globe, at motocross, enduro, superbike, road racing venues. Suspension products from Öhlins have also been dominating a couple of classes in the car-racing scene for years. Meanwhile, official distributors ensure an active presence, and support at local level. The company sells its products throughout the World from offices in Stockholm and Hendersonville, NC, USA as well as a world-wide network of distributors in over 50 countries, the largest which include Japan, USA, Germany, the UK, Italy and France. Since 1987, Öhlins Racing has been majority-owned by the Yamaha Motor Company, though it continues to operate as a dynamic, independent company within the business group. Over 90% of the company's turnover is accounted for by the export market, equally divided between original manufacturers and aftermarket sales. Included among Öhlins biggest M/C customers are Yamaha, Ducati, Aprilia and Gas Gas.

Each product from Öhlins has been customised for a specific vehicle model. The target for the future is to achieve an annual volume increase of 15-20%. In order to make this happen, over a third of the company's workforce are actively involved in key research and development. Since the company was first started, front forks, front fork springs, steering dampers, special oils and greases have all been added to the Öhlins Racing product range. There is more to come.