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List of products by brand Carbone Lorraine

Carbone Lorraine

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Carbone Lorraine C59 Racing Front Brake Pads

Carbone Lorraine C59 Racing Front Brake Pads Features: For superbikes with steel or cast iron front rotors High performance at extreme 'track' temperatures Constant reaction and grip in all conditions Very low wear rate Low wear-rate on rotors Proven in World Supersport and Superbike competition Sold per caliper

Price $110.66

$94.46 - $110.66

Carbone Lorraine RX3 Street Rear Brake Pads

Carbone Lorraine RX3 Rear Brake Pad Pair - (1 Caliper) Features: Designed expecially for powerful bikes Excellent responce and grip under extreme braking No fading and minimal loss of efficiency in wet conditions Very low wear-rate on rotors Extremely long lasting compound

Regular price CAD $57.95 Price $52.16

Carbone Lorraine XBK-5 Street/Sport Front Pads

Carbone Lorraine XBK-5 Road/Supersport Front Brake Pads Features: Track type performance at 'street' temperatures Sintered metal compund provides constant braking Excellent grip on dry or wet conditions No fading, excellent responce Long lasting pad life, little wear on rotors Sold per caliper

Price $83.66

$61.16 - $83.66