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Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Digital Model Tire Warmers

Price :
$862.95 Sale: $707.62
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  • Model: PRIV-
  • Manufactured by: Chicken Hawk Warmers


Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Digital Model Motorcycle Tire Warmers

The CHR Privateer Line of product offers budget minded buyer a clear choice – no need to try inferior imports. CHR has cut costs where possible but retained the quality materials where most critical:

  • Nomex Liner
  • Carbonized insulation
  • USA made – shock resistant thermostats
  • Neoprene sides panels to keep heat in
  • Dual stage operation lights

Set of Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Line Tire Warmers, Digital Temperature Controller


  • Back-n-Forth Heater Design (Provides even heating across tire.)
  • Carbonized Insulation Layer & Polyester Insulation Layer
  • Ballistic Nylon Exterior
  • Dupont Fiber Melt-Proof Inner Liner with Temperature Sensitive Dye (Shows misuse or malfunction.)
  • Neoprene Side Panels (Assists in insulating wheel and blocks wind.)
  • Digital Display Micro-Processor Temp. Controllers
  • Attached to Tire Warmer
  • Adjustable from Ambient to 225°F
  • Slow Heating Mode or Normal Mode
  • Displays Either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Timer shows Running Time
  • Quick-Disconnect Power Cord


  • Temperature Settings – Selectable to 225°F / 100°C
  • Exterior Fabric – Cordura
  • Insulation – Carbon Felt
  • Heating Element – Carbon Felt
  • Color – Red

Neoprene Side Panels:

Hot tire pressure is more important than ever. These neoprene sides additionally insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind blowing across your rims. The elastic stretch provides a smooth fit.