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DDM Slim Automotive HID Kit

Price :
Starting at: $209.95 Sale: $115.47

  • Manufactured by: DDM Tuning HID


DDM Automotive HID Kit

You can't buy a system with a smaller ballast. Fully digital, draws less than 6 amps at start up and 3.4 amps at normal operating temperature. This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens.

Each premium automotive HID kit includes 2 Bulbs, 2 35 watt Ballasts and instructions. Installation is simply plug and play, then mount ballast inside your engine bay. Please call us for specific requests.

The bulb and ballast includes a 2 Year Warranty!!
Warranty only covers bulb or ballast failure not incorrect installation causing failure.

Three Times Brighter
HID lamps have 3 times the light output of the conventional halogen headlamps, resulting in enhanced peripheral vision and increased vehicle visibility.

Click Here to find your vehicle's bulb size. You can choose low/high beams and/or fog lights. Please make a note of your vehicle make/model/year in the notes section in our checkout.

What color Bulbs should I buy?
We sell bulbs with kelvin ratings that range from 3000K to 12000K. 3k being yellow and 12k being the most bluish in color. The most popular color we sell is 6000k. That would be described as white with a hint of blue. For maximum visibility, we would recommend staying within 4500K-6000K. The closer the color is to natural sunlight, the more you will see on the road.

You will lose visibility when going towards 12000k. Most people who do 10000-12000k are going for a specific look. The Ballast are what controls the brightness of the output while the bulb will reflect the color of the light.

Note: All brands can vary in color. Our colors are true to our description. Bulb colors can appear to be different based on outside factors, such as the type of headlight you are putting them in and they way the light is being reflected or projected out of them.