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Forcefield Ladies Pro L2K Evo Back Protector

Price :
$286.95 Sale: $258.26
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  • Model: FF-1032L-
  • Manufactured by: Forcefield Protection


Forcefield Ladies Sport-Lite L2K Evo Back Protector

Using Nitrex® a unique high tech triangular shock absorbing material combined with dense and light weight layers of foam the Forcefield Sport Lite 2 back protector is designed to be soft, flexible and comfortable whilst still providing maximum impact protection. Nitrex® also provides Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) to ensure that even after multiple impacts there is no loss of protective performance.

Constructed with a removable and washable outer cover to enable the Sport Lite 2 to be kept clean and hygienic it also makes the protector more flexible as it is not bonded at the edges increasing comfort in use.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps and double waist adjustment ensure a correct and comfortable fit for different body shapes.


  • Sleek, slim, low profile (only 22.5mm) breathable back protector.
  • Constructed using Kevlar® thread for increased strength and durability.
  • Made with NitrexEvo® a unique high-tech triangular shock absorbing material that’s soft, flexible and comfortable whilst still providing maximum impact protection.
  • Exceeds the CE test EN1621-2 (Level 2) the highest possible level.
  • Dri-M technology, a Forcefield exclusive. Dynamic = moldable to each riders body shape, Reactive = massive energy absorption capabilities and Intelligent = breathable, heat reactive with Repeat Performance technology (RPT) for consistent protection even after multiple impacts.
  • Multiple layers are stitched and perforated to allow partial movement of the inner layers.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Anatomically and ergonomically designed with 3d mold-ability.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and double waist adjustment.
  • Men’s and ladies versions are offered.