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Motul 300V Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W40 4 Liters

Price :
$116.95 Sale: $95.90
  • Model: 104115
  • Manufactured by: Motul Lubricants


Motul 300V Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W40 4 Liters

Used by world class racers around the world, Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil delivers maximum performance for your engine. 300V is completely POLAR in molecular structure, causing it to bond to metal and protect against metal–to–metal start–ups. 300V also provides up to five times more film strength than petroleum motor oils.

  • 100% Syntheteic Double Ester
  • Designed for highly modified engines
  • Electrochemical bonding to metal parts
  • Up to 5x higher film strength
  • 0% shear loss on Bosch ASTM D6278 test