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Ohlins 30mm Cartiridge & TTX GP Shock Combo

Price :
$3,592.00 Sale: $2,873.60
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  • Manufactured by: Ohlins Suspension


Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit Includes

Race-developed and testing World Superbike, World Supersport and AMA Superbike competition
Improved design features a fork cartridge that uses a sealed, one-cylinder piston chamber that allows oil flow only through the shim sack on the cartridge piston when compressed
Kit uses a larger, 30mm diameter piston that flows more oil that allows for a wider range of adjustment
This provides immediate suspension response and generates optimal suspension oil pressure all the way through the fork damping sequence
All damping adjustment knobs are at the top of the fork caps for easy suspension tuning (compression on the left fork leg, rebound on right leg; both have spring preload adjustment)
Easy to tune
For use with OEM fork tubes

Ohlins TTX GP Rear Shock

**Note: GP Shock unavailable for the 848, 1098, 1198 & F4. Combo Packages for these bike models will instead be the TTX MKII**

Straight from the champions – the new TTX GP is Öhlins latest range of shock absorbers for sport and hypersport bikes.

Based on the highly regarded TTX technology it has been developed from Öhlins’ vast experience in MotoGP.

Compared with the standard TTX36 MkII, the compression and rebound adjustments have improved even further with a new adjustment needle, providing better guidance and a different flow restriction behavior. The function of the damper is more consistent with less variation and the adjusters work in a more precise manner. A new main piston completes the package, designed to improve traction and rider control. Did we mention that the weight is reduced even further? Among the advantages are a much improved chassis feedback as well as enhanced performance. Also, the adjustment range is even wider and with this new design, the variation in
behavior from one shock absorber to another is further reduced – a proof of Öhlins commitment to precision. The TTX GP continues on the TTX36 path, sharing and improving on the benefits of one of the best shock absorbers in the world.

TTX GP will be available for most major bikes used in national racing as well as the new street bike models.


  • TTX technology, twin tube technology
  • No risk of cavitation
  • Solid piston
  • Rebound and compression adjustment straight from MotoGP
  • Adjustment needles with different flow restriction behavior to improve chassis feedback
  • New main piston
  • Wider and more precise adjustment range
  • Adjustment possible by hand or with hexagon tool
  • Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping

Ohlins Fork Springs For 30MM Cartridge Kit

Spring Rate Recommendations For Rider Weight With Gear

145 lbs to 160 lbs 9.0/9.0 Nmm
150 lbs to 175 lbs 9.0/9.5 Nmm
175 lbs to 195 lbs 9.5/9.5 Nmm
185 lbs to 200 lbs 9.5/10.0 Nmm
195 lbs to 220 lbs 10.0/10.0 Nmm
210 lbs to 235 lbs 10.0/10.5 Nmm
230 lbs to 255 lbs 10.5/10.5 Nmm
245 lbs to 270 lbs 10.5/11.0 Nmm
above 260 lbs 11.0/11.0 Nmm

Installation and tuning available call the shop 604 325 2252