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OnGuard 4'6" 12mm Beast Series Loop Chain And 'T' Lock

Price :
$149.95 Sale: $127.46
  • Model: 8017LPT
  • Manufactured by: Onguard Security


OnGuard 4'6" 11mm Beast Series Loop Chain And 'T' Lock

  • Most versatile powersports lock, use the loop to wrap around a solidly anchored object, then run the 10" long steel bar through a hole on your vehicle and lock the T-head on the other side
  • Higest security rating for maximum protection in high crime areas
  • Prevents ride-away, roll-away and carry-away theft
  • Dual Lockdown Protection with a massive 12mm hex link chain and pass through ring made from cut resistant ultra hardened steel for amazing versatility in tricky, hard to lock situations
  • Beast locks have Quattro or Dual lock mechanisms featuring Dual Lockdown Protection where hardened steel pins engage both ends of the shackle creating a redundant locking system foir added security
  • Locks also have feature rubber end caps and vinyl coatings to protect finishes
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for additional security
  • Water and heat resistant embroidered chain cover prevents scratching, fading and allows compact coiling
  • Rotating dust cover protects cylinder
  • Anti-theft protection plan
  • 12mm chain 4' 6" with loop and T-lock