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Proton Programmable Flushmount LED Turn Signals 06-11 Yamaha FZ1

Price :
$129.95 $81.00
  • Model: 20-8058 Clearance
  • Manufactured by: Proton Signals


Proton Programmable LED Flushmount Turn Signals 06-11 Yamaha FZ1

Protons are the ONLY 12 Chip LED flushmount sportbike signals in the world! HighTechSpeed Proton flushmounts are the best fitting, brightest, most durable and most exciting flushmounts available. They combine programmable effects with super brightness to create the most visually stunning flushmount turn signals you've ever seen.

These signals can be programmed within seconds to flash one of these blinking rates as shown:

Each signal has 12 individual LED's built right in. That is 24 LED's for both sides. Most other signals will have only 4 - 6 LED's per side.

Proton SUPER bright LED turn signals operate as running lights aswell. They will always be on when riding and will flash when signaling.

Programming Options
- Fade-in/fade-out
- Strobe (multiple flashes per blink)
- Standard blink

Proton signals extend outward just slightly for great visibility from all angles.
*The fit is perfect. Durable and dependable.
*Proton flushmounts are CNC machined from a solid block of UV stabilized, impact resitant acrylic.
*Will not scratch or break and will never burn out.
*Proton lights function as running lights as well as turn signals.
*Protons provide complete waterproofing and immunity to dirt, oil, dust and grime.
*Includes a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Easy Installation
These signals have a very strong "Bolt on" installation and there are no modifications to the fairing required. No drilling holes or messing with double sided tape to mount the super signals. Only minor wiring is required.