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08-16 Honda CBR 1000RR TST Fender Eliminator

2008-2016 Honda CBR 1000RR TST Fender Eliminator This bracket eliminates your rear fender and relocates your license plate under the tail fairing. Features: Mounts license plate after fender elimination High grade CNC laser cut alloy steel Works with modified OEM and aftermarket undertails Will need to drill two 1/4" holes...

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16-22 Honda CBR500R/CB500F TST Industries Fender Eliminator

2016-2022 Honda CBR500R/CB500F TST Fender Eliminator The Standard Fender Eliminator for the Honda CBR500R / CB500F eliminates the OEM bulk and relocates your license plate to provide a clean and sleek look. This product is engineered with modern computer design techniques, and manufactured employing modern CNC machinery. It has a gorgeous black powdercoat finish that lets it blend in to the rest of your bike's undertail....

Regular price CAD $44.99 Price $44.09

14-18 Honda CBR650F/CB650F TST Industries Fender Eliminator

2014-2018 Honda CB650F/CBR650F TST Fender Eliminator TST's Fender Eliminator Kit for the Honda CB650F / CBR650F is a lightweight and cost effective way to eliminate the bulky fender that comes stock on your bike. With a beautiful black powder coat finish and absolutely no permanent modification required for install, this is the perfect solution to getting a sleek and sporty look on your Honda. Features: Proprietary 2.5 ounce design High quality black...

Regular price CAD $44.99 Price $44.09

17-22 Honda CBR 1000RR TST Elite-1 Fender Eliminator

2017-2022 Honda CBR 1000RR TST Elite-1 Fender Eliminator When TST got their hands on the 2017+ Honda CBR1000RR they designed this elegant and high-quality fender eliminator to clean up that tail section. You can choose between the Standard or Adjustable license plate bracket, both of which come with the anodized CNC machined undertail closeout to provide the cleanest look possible for your CBR. Features: Enables you to remove your OEM fender and replace it with an...

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19-20 Honda CB650R/CBR650R TST Industries Fender Eliminator

2019-2020 Honda CB650R/CBR650R TST Fender Eliminator Ditch the stock bulk for a sophisticated and sleek tail section that compliments both the CB650R and CBR650R with an innovative mounting solution that provides the cleanest tail tidy solution on the market! Features: Innovative mounting solution that doesn't add bulk, for cleanest look possible No modification required for installation Proprietary lightweight design Two license plate brackets...

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$50.63 - $110.24