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Aprilia Lightech Spin Locking Fuel Tank Cap

LighTech Spin Locking Fuel Tank Cap LighTech spin locking gas caps are a simple yet dramatic improvement to the look of your bike and are up to 80% lighter than an OEM cap. The gas cap eliminates the ugly key lock and uses a keyless, non-locking, full spin cap. Features: Made in Italy with CNC machined aircraft grade billet aluminum Lightweight Anodized screws, colored fasteners and rubber o-ring The spin cap is black and the outer ring is colored Easy...

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Aprilia LighTech Rapid Locking Fuel Tank Cap

LighTech Rapid Locking Fuel Tank Cap LighTech rapid locking gas cap use a keyless spring-loaded cap that releases when you push down and rotate the gas cap 90 degrees. Up to 70% lighter than stock OEM cap. The LighTech aluminum gas caps are billet machined from a single block of aluminum T6061 aerospace grade and anodized. The spring-loaded quick release cap also allows for easy fill ups at the pump without the need for keys. Looks great and makes refueling a snap. The...

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