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Honda Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotor Kit

Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotors Developed from Brembo's experience in MotoGP and SBK, the “T-Drive” disc introduces a new assembly system between the rotor and hat consisting of eight “T” shaped pins on the disc and eight recesses on the hat, which eliminates the need for fastener studs. As a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, this unique configuration transfers braking torque more effectively. T-Drive ensures greater resistance to thermo-mechanical...

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09-16 Honda CBR 1000RR ABS/SP Brembo Groove Brake Rotors

Brembo Groove Brake Rotors The new Brembo “Groove” disc, dedicated to Custom, Café Racer and Bike by Night riders, aims to create a distinctive element for enthusiasts that highlights and defines the spirit the world of true Café Racers, who seek quality products, with an absolute aesthetic appeal. The housing design, entirely from billet, has the particular trait of an anthracite black finish which is achieved thanks to an oxidation process. This produces a very popular...

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Honda Brembo SuperSport Brake Rotors

Brembo SuperSport Brake Rotors Developed with the precise goal of offering all owners of the most popular European and Japanese hypersports models maximum performance both on the road and on the track. The discs of the Supersport range are available with a larger than standard thickness of 5.5 mm. These are fully floating discs consisting of a rotor in tempered martensitic steel (capable of resisting extreme thermo-mechanical stress) and a hat machined from billet...

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