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899/959 Panigale

899/959 Panigale

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899/959 Panigale Drive Systems Superlite XD 520 Front Sprocket

Drive Systems Superlite XD Series Chromoly Steel Front Sprocket Superlite "Xtreme Duty" front sprockets are manufactured to be the lightest and most durable countershaft sprockets available today. Superlite front sprockets are made from case hardened chromoly steel to exact tolerances and the exclusive tooth profile offers a precise fitment over other brands. Most sprockets...

Price $59.28

$53.76 - $59.28

899/959 Panigale Drive Systems Superlite RSX 520 Rear Sprocket

Drive Systems Superlite RSX Series Black Steel Rear Sprocket Computer generated RSX design combines huge weight savings with exceptional strength Induction hardened steel with a black zinc plated finish Rated for 220+ horsepower Exclusive tooth profile for extended mileage output. Warrantied for life Sprocket design...

Regular price CAD $89.93 Price $82.74