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Scala Rider Q1

Scala Rider Q1 Headset
Scala Rider Q1

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Scala Rider Q1 Bike To Bike Motorcycle Intercom 2 Headset Pair

Scala Rider Q1 Bike To Bike Motorcycle Intercom 2 Headset Pair Featuring two pre-paired Q1 units in one package, the scala rider Q1 TeamSet is the ideal rider-to-passenger motorcycle intercom communication system for a couple on the road. Enjoy your ride soundtrack together with Cardo's unique Music-Sharing™ patented technology giving you the power to be the DJ and control your music. Each Q1 TeamSet unit...

Regular price CAD $434.92 Price $369.68

Scala Rider Audio Kit For Q1/Q3/QZ with Corded & Boom Mic.

Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3/QZ Audio Kit with Corded and Boom Microphones Package includes: Includes two speakers with microphone Embedded jack for MP3 player or Ipod connectivity for wired stereo music (cable provided) Attaches by clamp method or glue (excludes half helmet) Audio kits available for most Scala Rider models

Regular price CAD $89.92 Price $80.93