Multistrada 1200/S

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Arrow Motorcycle Exhaust
Multistrada 1200/S

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10-14 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Arrow Works Slip-On Exhaust Titanium/Carbon Fiber

Arrow Works Slip-On Exhaust A carbon endcap is the distinctive component for the Works silencers, a range of exhausts desinged and developed for sportbikes. Available with a titanium canister, Works silencer can also be fitted to Arrow header pipes. Their cone-shaped design ensure good performances keeping noise under control. As for the other Arrow products, quality and materials are at the top, including the Arrow Works among the highest-level products coming from Arrow....

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10-14 Multistrada 1200 Arrow Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust

Arrow Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust Race-Tech exhaust range was the first series of silencers designed with the new diamond shaped section. This design replaced in the past years the older silencers sections, oval and cylindrical. The advanced profile (looks like a diamond, with smooth corners) makes it possible to reduce dimensions with respect to an exhaust with a more traditional shape and with an equivalent section surface. This feature is important in reducing weight and...

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10-14 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Arrow Collector

Arrow Collectors Collectors and pipes are a most important component of an exhaust system, making it possible to reach very important gains in terms of power and torque. Arrow collectors design comes from the experience gained and the results achieved in years of races at all levels, with the un-replaceable “touch” of the master mechanics working in the R&D: diameters, sections, bends, section changes weldings and layout are carefully designed and developed on the bike...

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15-17 Ducati Multistrada 1200/S Arrow Indy Race Slip-On Exhaust

Arrow Indy Race Slip-On Exhaust Indy-Race silencers were designed to be used on certain applications, mainly those requiring an under-seat silencer, but once available Indy-Race silencers were used also in some “standard” systems. Design has been inspired by the shape of certain US racetracks and the section makes it possible to reduce dimensions whilst keeping a good internal volume to damp the noise with a very good power output. Features: Silencer material aluminum...

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