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GSX-S 1000/F

GSX-S 1000/F

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16-20 GSXS 1000/F M4 GP Full Stainless System w/Black Muffler

2016-2020 Suzuki GSXS 1000/F M4 GP Style Full Stainless Exhaust System w/Black Muffler Weight Savings: 10.7 lbs Valve Removal : Yes Removes Cat: Yes Comes with 18mm O2 bung and M12 adapter for stock sensor probe Stock Max H/P/RPM: 137.74@11,500 M4 Max H/P/ RPM: 146.13@11,500 Re-mapping required:...

Regular price CAD $1,428.00 Price $1,256.64

16-19 GSXS 1000/F M4 GP Style Slip-On w/Black Muffler

2016-2019 Suzuki GSXS 1000/F M4 GP Style Slip-On Exhaust w/Black Muffler Weight Savings: 2.6 lbs Valve Removal : No Removes Cat: No Re-mapping required: No Comes with stage 1 Q1 quiet insert Optional stage 2 Q3 quiet insert sold separately

Regular price CAD $427.50 Price $384.75