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Speedy Moto Ducati

Speedy Moto Motorcycle Racing Frame Sliders
Speedy Moto Ducati

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SpeedyMoto Ducati Through The Bodywork Long Frame Slider Kit

SpeedyMoto Ducati Through The Bodywork Frame Slider Kit The SpeedyMoto Ducati frame slider system is the strongest system available on the market. The system is comprised of not only superior UHMW plastic sliders, but also an exceptionally strong infrastructure. Since Ducati's utilize the engine as a stressed member of the chassis, the motor mounts and fasteners contribute greatly to the overall rigidity of the bike. This requires a tough engine bolt and fasteners. The SpeedyMoto...

Regular price CAD $224.93 Price $191.19

SpeedyMoto Ducati Under The Bodywork Short Frame Slider Kit

SpeedyMoto Ducati Through The Bodywork Frame Slider Kit SpeedyMoto now offers you the same quality that's in our standard frame slider kit in an Under-the-Bodywork Frame Slider Kit. * With SpeedyMoto's Under-the-Bodywork design, there is no need to drill holes in your expensive bodywork. * Because the Sliders stay under the bodywork, it keeps your bike looking clean and all original. * With no protruding slider to snag a curb or grass, it's less likely to turn a simple lowside into a...

Regular price CAD $224.93 Price $191.19