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Pins/Top Supports

Pit Bull Motorcycle Stand Pins and Top Supports
Pins/Top Supports

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Pitbull Hybrid Swivels Pair

Pitbull Hybrid Swivels - Pair Converts a Hybrid Headlift stand to be able to lift from the bottom of the forks.Note: This will not convert Newfront (F0031-000) model to be able to lift from the forks. It will only work with the 2012 Hybrid Front Stand.

Regular price CAD $59.93 Price $56.93

Pitbull Replacement Top Supports - GP Style Rear Stand

Pit Bull Top Supports GP Style Rear Stand These top supports are tailored to fit motorcycles with a GP style inverted "V" instead of traditional spool mounts. The top support has a "spool" mounted to it to lift from the inverted "V". Sold as a pair

Regular price CAD $67.43 Price $64.06

Pitbull One Armed Rear Stand Replacement Pin

Pitbull Replacement One Armed Rear Stand Pin Includes only the pin for a one armed rear stand for the bike selected. Note: May fit other models, but the restraint system has only been tested on the listed models. B Pin: BMW Single sided swing arm pin B8 Pin: BMW F800S/ST with single-sided swingarm specific. D Pin: Fits all LH side Ducati single sided swing arms except1098, 1198, 1199, 1299,...

Price $66.91

$45.53 - $76.58

Pins For Pitbull Front Motorcycle Stand

Pitbull Front Stand Pins And Adapters Pins provide the correct fit for Newfront, Forklift, Converter, and Standard Front Stands. The pins are bike-specific. Some bikes also require the use of a pin adapter. Refer to the chart below for the proper fitment.To find the right Pin/Adapter for your bike model please check the Pit Bull Front Stand Fitting Chart

Price $24.16

$11.33 - $64.06

Pitbull Replacement Pads Standard Rear Set

Pitbull Replacement Pads Standard Rear Set Replacement rubber pads and plastic swingarm guards for rear stands. Works on Standard Rear, SS Rear and Forward Handle Standard Rear. Must be attached with adhesive.

Regular price CAD $8.93 Price $8.48

Pit Bull Caliper Holders For Hybrid Headlift Front Stand

Pit Bull Caliper Holders Caliper holders for use with Pit Bull hybrid headlift front stands. These allow you to store your calipers and most caliper bolts out of the way and not leave them dangling or zip-tied. Works with all Pit Bull hybrid headlift stands made since fall 2018 and 95% of Pit Bull hybrid headlift stands made since 2012. Check for the presence of the welded-on "bung" on your front stands upper chassis before ordering. Sold as a pair

Regular price CAD $26.93 Price $25.58