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14-19 BMW R nineT Arrow Racing Collector

Arrow Collectors Collectors and pipes are a most important component of an exhaust system, making it possible to reach very important gains in terms of power and torque. Arrow collectors design comes from the experience gained and the results achieved in years of races at all levels, with the un-replaceable “touch” of the master mechanics working in the R&D: diameters, sections, bends, section changes weldings and layout are carefully designed and developed on the bike...

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14-19 BMW R nineT Arrow Link Pipe

Arrow Link Pipe Features: Stainless steel Link pipe for original collectors Junction (inlet) diameter 63,00mm Junction (outlet) diameter 60,00mm No CO sensor plug No oxygen sensor plug Weight 0,75kg Required to mount Arrow Pro-Race and X-Kone slip-on exhaust Product images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary due to bike model.

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14-19 BMW R nineT Arrow X-Kone Slip-On Exhaust

Arrow X-Kone Slip-On Exhaust X-Kone silencers were designed at first to be used in Arrow competition and competition full titanium systems. The results ad appreciation these silencers got suggested to create a separate line of standard systems, using a new carbon end cap, designed to fit naked and sportbikes. The internal structure of the silencer is in stainless steel, silencer body is in nichrom (an alloy with stainless steel) with satin finish depending on the bike X-Kone...

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14-19 BMW R nineT Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust

Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust Pro-Race silencers design comes from the first prototypes made for MotoGP. Pro-Race silencers are built putting together a conical shaped part (the main body of the silencer) with a cylindrical ending section (ø98mm). The silencers are secured to the bike by means of mounts welded to the main body, their cone shaped design provides a reduction of dimensions and weight, but it also reduces the overall volume of the exhaust, thus limitating noise...

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