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18-21 Kawasaki Ninja 400 SC-Project SC1-M Muffler

SC-Project SC1-M Muffler SC1-M, derived from the iconic muffler SC1-R, can be adapted in a better way to the medium size motorcycles. The new end cap in carbon fiber twill is perfectly suited to the modern bikes. The metallic part of the exit section is supplied in black in order not to interfere with the sportive design of the carbon end cap. The end cap is equipped with db killer and its specific block system. The external part can be supplied both in titanium and carbon...

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18-21 Kawasaki Ninja 400 SC-Project Oval Muffler

SC-Project Oval Muffler The Oval muffler, designed and intended to support modern Superbikes striving to achieve the best performance, is available in titanium, carbon or AISI 304 stainless steel with the matte carbon fiber end cap, depending on the bike model. The Oval muffler is a blend of technology and aesthetics that typifies the entire SC-Project range. Its elliptical and compact shape, combined with the choice of the best materials available on the market, makes...

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18-21 Kawasaki Ninja 400 SC-Project CR-T Muffler Titanium

SC-Project CR-T Muffler The CR-T, a multiple World-champion muffler and the most representative of the SC-Project range is available in titanium and carbon variants and, depending on the model of motorcycle with the spectacular titanium flame arrester on the output. This iconic muffler guarantees record performance levels and lightness, the result of prototyping, technical and designing studies aimed at satisfying the most demanding requirements of the top teams and...

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18-21 Kawasaki Ninja 400 SC-Project GP-M2 Muffler Carbon Fiber

SC-Project GP-M2 Muffler The GP-M2 muffler is the forefather of the range of mufflers designed for the racing world. Created to make the difference in the most competitive category of the MotoGP, the Moto2, where engine sizes are the same and it is the performance of the exhaust system that can give that extra push to victory. Its extremely aggressive line is characterized by its low weight, compact size, exposed T.I.G. weldings on the 60mm output and racing look. A...

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18-21 Kawasaki Ninja 400 SC-Project Full System With SC1-M Muffler

SC-Project Full Exhaust System With SC1-M Muffler The SC-Project complete unit is the direct result of the research, development and design work carried out by the internal R&D department together with the major MotoGP and SBK Championship Teams. SC-Project, with the aim of improving performance and aesthetics of the standard motorbike, has created a full system designed to house the original lambda probe, showcases first-class technical solutions, as the use of CNC...

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