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Torco MPZ Cam Assembly Lube 1oz

Torco MPZ Cam Assembly Lube Recommended as a pre-lube for engine assemblyFor coating cams, rocker arms, valves and springsSame formula as engine assembly lube in a thicker viscosity

Regular price CAD $9.75 Price $9.26

Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube 4oz

Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube Friction proof, wear proof, corrosion proof, water proofExcellent lube for engine assembly. Use on wrist pins, bearings, bushings and gears

Regular price CAD $16.43 Price $15.12

Torco MPZ Spray Lube 5.4oz

Torco MPZ Spray Lube Same qualities as the MPZ engine assembly lube in the convenience of an aerosol sprayHeat proof, wear proof, rust proofUnique high-tech multi-purpose lubricant that stays put and won't let go

Regular price CAD $28.43 Price $26.16