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11-14 Tiger 800

11-14 Tiger 800

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11-14 Triumph Tiger 800 Showa Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit

Ohlins Adventure Cartridge Kit Ohlins NIX Techonology Fully adjustable from the top cap Rebound in one leg, compression in the other leg New hydraulic stop to prevent hard bottoming Easy to install and service Different spring rates available Improved Comfort And Performance Based on the successful road racing front fork technology, the FKA 100-series fully adjustable cartridge kit offers improved comfort and performance. Based on the technology from the Ohlins road racing...

Regular price CAD $1,725.00 Price $1,587.00

11-14 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Ohlins Rear Shock S46

Ohlins Rear Shock S46DR1 46- Piston diameter in mm. S - Monotube/Singletube D - Gas pressurized type of shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body. Gas and oil divided in the mail body by a separating piston Adjutment Features Damping is set with the knob, which have a normal right hand thread. By turning it clockwise the damping action is increased, and by turning it counter clockwise it is...

Regular price CAD $1,650.00 Price $1,518.00