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Tiger 800

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11-14 Triumph Tiger 800 Ohlins NIX30A Cartridge Kit For Showa Forks

Ohlins NIX 30mm Adventure Cartridge Kit NIX 30 Adventure cartridge kit for medium sized adventure bikes. Based on technology from Öhlins roadracing cartridges featuring our well proven NIX damping system. Among the advantages with this design is improved stability and control of the damping system, ease of use as all the adjusters, compression, rebound damping and spring preload, are located at the top of each fork leg. Fast gravel roads on a weekend or piloting around narrow...

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11-14 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Ohlins STX46 Rear Shock

Ohlins STX46 Rear Shock Absorber - Type S46HR1C1S A well proven monotube design, the Öhlins STX46 shock absorber sets the standard for performance, quality and endurance. The STX 46 Street is based on popular Öhlins 46 mm shock absorber with divided piston and adjustable rebound damping, developed for naked sports bikes and street performance bikes. It features a large 46 mm main piston and an internal gas reservoir within the main body of the shock. With adjustable...

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